Monday, March 28, 2011

There's A New You Coming!

Who is this that cometh out of the wilderness like pillars of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and frankincense, with all the powders of the merchant? Song of Solomon 3:6

This prophecy goes out to the “plundered”. These are those who feel they've lost it all. You have passed through the waste places, just as He, in the days of His flesh, also passed. You have been emptied, and are ready, for an audience with the King. He is saying to you: “Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. The winter is past. The rain is over and gone. The time of singing birds is come. There is a new you coming.

Wondrous gifts are your heritage, by the King's decree. These abilities are unlike anything you have ever before employed, and will propel you to usefulness. Only believe… All things are in His hand to give, and He desires your fullness of joy, your abundant satisfaction. Do you imagine you cannot be satisfied by God? It is He who holds the earth up, and that by the Word of His power. He made you with intention, and took you across the vast and terrible wilderness for the purpose of transformation. Now, you know you are His possession, His special treasure. He's watched you gleam with each turn, sparkle in alignment with the sun in its strength; you are glorious in His sight! Now you feel you have come to the end of something. It's true, and the “something” is yourself. Fear not the deep emptiness, the “cloud of unknowing”.

The veils will soon and suddenly lift away, light and pleasure crashing in, remaking your whole life. The King loves to surprise His own. Be spontaneous and expectant. Enjoy not being in control. You are not a control being, you are are responder. You were never in control of anything. In Him you live, move, and have being. Do you realize how beautiful are your surroundings? Abide, not in “controlling”, or even in “knowing”… abide in a Person, a Being.

You have come to that “finally” place, the fulfillment of your dream. Much like a great artistic sculptor, God has been laboring over you with His sculptor's tools, chipping away the rough and jagged elements, honing down the resistant and resolute edges, and leveling every aspect. This has taken years and years. He has been the Presence in your every moment, often really helping you to own it. You have always felt you were waiting upon the Lord; it is more the case that He has been here waiting upon you to arrive at this appointment and juncture. The truth is coming, and God, your God, is your divine “Revelator”. This place in which you find yourself, the place of seeming destruction, is actually the place of transformation. Ego is the last possession to which any of us obstinately cling. You must release it, to have what He gives, so let it go right now… You have longed for a new identity, a fresh discovery, a specific purpose. He has something wonderful for you see, to do, and to be. He is coming on the clouds and in great glory, to destroy all that has kept you bound, and all that has colored His radiant world gray for you. Prepare and believe Jesus for a sudden shift in your personal paradigm.

He is birthing new dimensions of His life in you, and the pangs of the past are passed. Old yolks will shatter! What needed destroying is destroyed! Where is the fury of the oppressor? He has done it. Your enemies exalted themselves momentarily, and did not notice that your Defender was making room for your renewal. While they were running their mouths, He was renovating your desire. There is a part of the Life of God you longed to experience, and thought you never would or even could. You've watched others live your desire, and wondered “why not me?” Indeed, if not for His work, it could never be, not for you – because the problems were real. Your enemies aren't phantoms. Your sadness could not awaken you to deliverance and miracle, only that you couldn't stop hoping in God. You kept asking, and “faithing”. God has appointed a seed for you, a seed to replace the one slain. That seed is near to breaking forth. Many will see it, and put their trust in the Lord. Many will be fear, and be awestruck when it happens, because it will prove the reality of another reality, and be undeniably GOD.

He is the Lord, who profoundly answers you, child, and from “the secret place of thunder”. That's the place where the heart thunders with longings far too deep for words. The crashing, crushing things that broke you will be dissolved. They will recede as foam on the shore back into the sea. You are about to take a quantum leap to the other side of existence, and you won't be coming back the same person. You will be completely and undeniably transfigured. He is reformatting you, commissioning you, and advancing you. He is releasing you to your destiny in Him. Be very thankful. Be excited. Give Him every bit of glory. This will change the world. This will change everything.

You have made the most one could with the remnants of scarcity – yet, His paths drip with abundance, with perpetual harvest; it is all giving and the blessing His children. Believe it; your eyes shall see the King in His Beauty.